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On June 23rd 2016 the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.


There has been quite a bit of scare mongering regarding the potential impact of such a decision. Not just on the UK’s place in the world, but also creating fears for the European community in the UK.


These fears are not to be taken seriously.


The UK has, throughout recent times, relied on the support and industry of migrant workers.



This will not change.


Migrant workers bring skills from all over Europe and the world, that help to secure the UK economy and all people working within it. That includes UK nationals and all our colleagues and friends who come here to work and prosper.



KHS has a policy of welcoming labour from our European allies and beyond.


We are committed to giving our workforce equal treatment and equal respect.


If you work through KHS you will receive the same treatment, the same benefits, within the framework of the law, as anyone else, who works through KHS.


No one is going to be sent home. No one is going to be discriminated against.


Our clients share our policy and our ethos. They too appreciate the benefit that the KHS workforce brings to their business.





As with any other concerns, KHS staff are always there to listen and support, but be assured the referendum has not affected your situation with KHS.  


Hello Employers

At KHS we know that you need good reliable people and a service provider who recognises your specific requirements and takes the strain out of permeant selection and the provision of temporary personnel whether it be for one or one hundred.

This is why KHS take time getting to know you, your operation and, where practical, the people within it. That way we match skills and personalities to your needs. We have been providing exceptional staff to industry since 1994.

Why not let us help you?

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